This is my OOC profile and my Character Database for easy perusal. As a general rule, I don't normally PM or MSG someone, I have never RP'd with before. I usually wait for someone to Msg Me. It's just the way I am. And maybe that means I miss out on Opportunities. Oh well. Now lets get to the Good Stuff, my likes and dislikes.
  • Para Roleplay. I do prefer my partners to be able to perform at the Para level, at least at a miminum. Well written and detailed erotica is very much prefered. And a knowledge of punctuation wouldn't hurt either. This is the first thing that will turn me off.
  • Lesbianism/Futas. Generally I define this, as female on female. And that is the rule. However on Ocassion I have been known to play a She-male/futa based character, if desired. But I need to be in the mood for this, and that does not meanI like being with other she-male/futa characters. I do not like the act of penetration.
  • OOC'ism/Seperating Reality. As a rule I do not "go into" my real life here. I seperate my RP life from the Real Life. Don't assume anything about me please, you don't know anything, unless I trust you with that information. This Includes my Instant messenger addy, so please don't ask. I have NO problems what so ever with guys who play girls, especially if they are good at it.
  • Maturity/Age Play. I will say this, I am in my later thirties/early fourties. So I am looking for a level of maturity from others. I do not do age play, unless both characters are young. And 16 is my lowest limit. I am not looking to teach/train characters unless I have agreed to do so.
  • Sensuality/Pervsion. As far as my fetishes/Kinks go, there's my F list please read. But I cannot stress this enough, I prefer sensuality and passion, over being kinky and disturbing. I don't do animals and furry based characters, I don't in general transform (unless specified), I don't ABSORB!, I don't do vampires, and I definetly don't do guys and other Futas (unless i agree, and this never includes the act of penetration).
  • Dom/Sub/Switch? I hate this generic classification that people place on a sex. This is not the end all of sexual demeanor. I prefer the term Agressive. Most of my characters are very agressive, unless stated otherwise. I prefer equal partnership. I do not do BDSM in any variation, save for my character Navinye (please see below).