A warm smile greets you as does the lovely sight of a beautifully buxom Elf woman. Her tongue draws softly draws between her pale pink lips to wet them, while blue eyes draw up and down your figure. "Welcome to the Wicked Witch Inn, traveler. My name is Olycia Thera, proprieter of this Inn. If there's anything i can do to help you, just let me know. " with that she turns right around, casting a wink over her shoulder with a sway of her blonde hair.

Name: Olycia Thera
Race: Salvean Elf
Age: 138
Profession: Innkeeper, Olycia is the Owner of the "Wicked Witch" Inn. An establishment, that offers not only a pleasant atmosphere but pleasurable company as well. If you catch my meaning.
Social Class: Comfortable
Description: Olycia is a beautiful elven woman, with a generous bossom. Which is unusual for her race, which is often known for it's lithe frame but pleasant features. She has a fuller figure, with sultry blue eyes and blonde hair. She stands 5'7" in height, and weighs 143 lbs.
Attributes: Charm, Beauty, and Resolve
Abilities & Powers: Being an elf, she has all the benefits and hinderanes of her species. Heightened sense of touch, an openly sexual culture, and a predisposition for pleasurable past times. She has some small magical abilities, with sensation magic. Allowing her to create simple illusions that affect the sense of touch.
Magical Items & Special Equipment:
The Wicked Witch Inn.

The Wicked Witch has a randy reputation, as not only being a very comfortable traveller's Inn. But as a house of pleasure, its not uncommon to see, topless waitress's or couples making out in alcoved tables.